Cows in VR; Negro in the Matrix

One Black history month, eleven white history months

Given the current social political climate, Russia has become somewhat of a hot topic. Fittingly, I would like to direct attention to Moscow; though admittedly with no desire to speculate upon their advancement on the late USSR territory. In fact my interest lies, interestingly enough, in their innovative developments in the practice of livestock. This will be triggering; perhaps even harrowing relative entirely to one’s capacity to empathize, but I assure this discussion will bear prolific intellectually and socially relevant fruit, if not at the very least planting the seeds. — a site priding itself on informing its community on the nuances of the “cutting edge” of engineering, science and technology respectively. And inform me it did with its article published the 29th of March, 2021 written by a Miss Fabienne Lang titled, “Cows Are Being Fitted With VR Goggles to Increase Milk Production?” Listed is the direct link:

The subtitle continues; “Some claim these VR headsets are expected to help the cows relax by offering them sun-filled summer views of green pastures.” How quaint. The typical staying quarters of cattle for large industry do not offer such picturesque conditions for its stock, though this can be inferred with relative ease from the above claim. In fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to refer to this industry’s practices as barbaric, however, this is quite the extensive topic, the likes of which I intend only to graze upon.

The applied concept here is to dissuade the herd from being aware of their inherently grim circumstance in favor of an idealized illusion. “.. the science is sound — happy cows do produce more high-quality milk..” Lang concludes, A harken back to the watermelon campaign of the late American slave era. For the uninitiated, there was a brief period where slave owners began to question the morality of their actions. To remedy this disruption of their general conscious the media launched mass printing of black slaves gorging on the cheaply produced watermelon; a throwing of the proverbial bone if you will. The statement in more or less words was, “How can you say we treat these people poorly? Look how elated this little nigger child is with her watermelon.”

But I digress, let us take a step back for a moment. The domestication of cattle occurred some 10,000 years ago with the capture of the auroch, a wild bovine, a creature some one and a half to two times larger than the modern cow and significantly less mild mannered. The process is not well documented but it stands to reason it reflects modern domestication processes. This begins of course with the seizing and breaking of the animal in mind, body and spirit. Then the beast is gradually trained and conditioned to carry out certain tasks without resistance; plow the land — stand quietly while your milk is extracted — etc, all while being beaten or whipped for any hoof placed out of line. Eventually, the generations born in this lifestyle become docile; accepting of their subjugation with no memory of an existence beyond it. Of course this depressive state makes for less productive, under-performing livestock. Some innovative cattle handlers play classical music on their farms to cheer them up. Others experiment with massaging their animals. And now the latest attempt to liven the captive; a virtual reality of the life from which their ancestors were snatched. Ingenious!

Bare with me as I tie this together in a cute little bow.

It should come as no surprise that the Black community in America carries the economy to this day and even less so that we built the country with our labor; the success of which is intrinsically interwoven and in direct correspondence with forced subjugation. Tactically less understood is just how graphic and dehumanizing a process this was in its early stages especially. The exact process used by the domesticators of the wild auroch were employed not on some “wild black savage” (not that it would excuse anything) but a civilized people of the highest rapport. Capture, Break, Condition. We all know about the whip. Let’s try a tougher one; Buck Breaking.

Buck Breaking was a means of correction perpetrated by white men that ensured capital more efficiently than murder, though that was and still is quite often used. The common practice was that of tying defiant black men to trees, lining up an audience of their family and peers and brutally raping them. This was such a hit with the white community that entire farms were dedicated solely to this practice.

Anyway, through decades of generations born in this predicament many have become docile; accepting. And though the workload has shifted from cotton picking to nine-to-fives, the reality of the circumstance remains consistent and any hoof placed out of line is swiftly corrected. Of course now it’s much better you see, we have distractions. Quite literal alternate realities to briefly escape to; youtube, instagram, the metaverse. Pleasures to gorge on; watermelon flavored Fanta. Dopamine on demand. Anything to keep up milk production. . Jah 3/10/22 Written on the farm.




Author; Spiritual healer, adviser and translator. My purpose in this life is to teach the art of Relationships from a spiritual aspect. This is how we heal.

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Author; Spiritual healer, adviser and translator. My purpose in this life is to teach the art of Relationships from a spiritual aspect. This is how we heal.

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