Religion is used as an excuse for failing or not achieving

The Church is a huge part of the Matrix

If you are waiting on Jesus to return, so was your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc. You watched how they suffered while waiting. What makes you think He will return in your lifetime? If you are putting it in God’s hands, outside of yourself, it is because you are afraid to put it in your own hands. You are afraid to take responsibility for what is not working in your life: happiness, family, relationships, finances, dreams, and goals. We parish for the lack of knowledge. What if you are part of that God you’ve been waiting on? God calls Himself “I Am”

A serious topic of discussion; one that is hard to have with most people. This is especially the case for Black people whom the late science fiction writer Octavia Butler once described as, “indoctrinated by the church and its pastors.” Religion has been used for years to keep people in check, hence the slave-master’s use of it. It keeps Black people looking for a pie in the sky while others have their dessert here on earth. It also teaches Blacks to love their enemy even though God sought to destroy his opposition. This is amazing because Blacks will go after another Black without hesitation. Some people believe that the Willie Lynch story was fictitious but the truth is in the pudding. When it comes to our behavior, it’s on point. Look at how we forgive people who have done us wrong. We always forgive them for what they have done. Malcolm said years ago that they know exactly what they are doing. They have been practicing it for hundreds of years. Whites stay on code and look out for each other (even the so-called good whites because they know what happens to a nigger lover). In all honesty this is why Black people’s condition has not changed. To elaborate, this is due to the strong majority of whites failing to challenge their people’s incorrect behaviors. They would really have to think critically. All white people are racist because they accept and practice white supremacy. This is something that Black people have a hard time digesting because they want to be accepted and have white friends. You do not necessarily have to practice evil against them, just understand who they are and your experience with them. The Chinese understand what I am saying. Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all charges because he killed and injured white people who went off code. His victims were demonstrating for Black people, that’s a no no. If you remember the same thing happened in the movie “Glory”, where the white soldiers and officers were warned if they were in association with Black soldiers that they would receive the same punishment. I also want you to know that the Kyle Rittenhouse case had a lot to do with the Ahmaud Arbery outcome. First, white folks were not going to punish a white man for killing his own, the likes of which were supporting a Black cause.

Second, they stacked the jury with whites to make Blacks think that it was business as usual, however this is where the trick came in. Keep in mind as Elijah Muhammad said, they are masters of “tricknology”. They wanted Black folks to believe that no justice would prevail. They had to convict the three white men because they knew that Black people would rebel as they did in Minnesota. Let me give you some figures: Minnesota has about 275,000 Black people. The George Floyd demonstrations cost the state 2 billion dollars in damages. It just about broke the state. Now Georgia has about 3 million Black people, we are in an economic pandemic and it’s the holiday season (most businesses make 40 to 60 percent of their profit for the year during this time). Those white boys were expendable to society, that is why they convicted them but they will not get executed and will appeal their case.

Third, Rittenhouse and Arbery cases were all staged by the powers who control the government (white man goes free for killing his own supporting Black folks; three white supremacists get convicted for slave lynching, but most likely will not get executed and could have their sentences reduced). There was no way that they were going to let these white boys off with 3 million Blacks in Georgia and others around the country rebelling, especially in the most profitable and (consequently) the most important economic season. It would have been well over 2 billion dollars worth of damage. In closing, the sad thing is that Black folks running around praying, thanking white folks, and thinking that we actually got some justice while they are still killing Black people and not passing laws to protect them. Damn! It is so easy to fool Black people.

I went home for Thanksgiving after about three years of not seeing my family because of COVID, and it gave me a sad perspective. I felt like Harriett Tubman, the abolitionist using the underground railroad to free the slaves. The difference is I don’t have to hide them underground. We are physically free to go anywhere we please. Looking at St. Louis from the inside out is a lot different from looking at it from the outside in. Looking at it from the inside out looks like this is all that life has to offer and anything outside is scary. Perhaps I’m overthinking this. The work that I have put in to get to where I am is attributed to those who raised me. I am constantly thinking of ways to give back to my people, specifically my own family. I think the way I do because I see the struggles my people continue to go through. Being away allows me to see how others live. Like so many black people who have escaped the plantation and made a better life for themselves, many try and go back to get their families. I so badly wanted to share my success and give back but I feel as though they think I am the evil one; the one not worthy of trust. Because I am not a religious Christian they say they will pray for me. This is also the feeling I get from my old friends on the block. It felt like I’d returned to free slaves who were oblivious of their condition as such.. I felt no one was glad to see me. I didn’t feel welcome. It felt more like they despised me for coming around. I get the fact that everyone is afraid of COVID, but COVID should not cause one to be cold. These feelings were before COVID. I also understand that my view on religion is not popular. I’m not upset at my family and friends as much as I am the system that has us this way. Divide and conquer is working right in our homes. It saddens me that outside of most of my family people are living their lives abundantly, off our backs of course. Most of my family thanks Jesus for just being allowed to wake up and breathe another day in hell.




Author; Spiritual healer, adviser and translator. My purpose in this life is to teach the art of Relationships from a spiritual aspect. This is how we heal.

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Author; Spiritual healer, adviser and translator. My purpose in this life is to teach the art of Relationships from a spiritual aspect. This is how we heal.

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